Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward


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Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward

Juni im Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas (USA) das heiß erwartete Rematch zwischen Andre Ward und Sergej Kovalev! Das Duell zwischen Andre Ward und Sergey Kovalev wird am Juni zum zweiten Mal innerhalb von sieben Monaten stattfinden. Andre Ward hat beim Rückkampf gegen den Russen Sergey Kovalev seine WM-​Titel im Halbschwergeweicht verteidigt. In der Nacht zum.

Jetzt offiziell: Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev II steigt am 17. Juni!

Andre Ward "Sohn Gottes" weiterhin ungeschlagen - Kovalev beginnt stark; Ward dennoch überzeugend! - Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev. Andre Ward und Sergey Kovalev steigen in der Wüste Nevadas (in der Nacht vom auf den Juni ab 3 Uhr live auf DAZN) zum. Andre Ward und Sergey Kovalev steigen in der Wüste Nevadas erneut in den Ring. Nach einer durchaus kontroversen Entscheidung am Ende.

Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward 34 thoughts on “2016 BOXING fight – Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward – full fight Video WBA, IBF, WBO” Video

Andre Ward-Sergey Kovalev highlights

Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward

Coupon Jackpot.De wird der Weg fГr alle Spieler Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward, sind Sie als Spieler! - Wie lief der erste Kampf zwischen zwischen Ward und Kovalev?

Sein Plan war als leichterer Mann den schwereren Gegner auszuboxen.
Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward Andre Ward gegen Sergey Kovalev II, in Rechnung gestellt als The Rematch, war ein Box-Superkampf für die vereinigten WBA-, WBO-, IBF- und vakanten Titel im Halbschwergewicht des The Ring-Magazins zwischen den beiden besten Pfund-für-Pfund-Kämpfern. Andre Ward "Sohn Gottes" weiterhin ungeschlagen - Kovalev beginnt stark; Ward dennoch überzeugend! - Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev. Juni im Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas (USA) das heiß erwartete Rematch zwischen Andre Ward und Sergej Kovalev! Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev II: Rückkampf endet kontrovers. Der Ringrichter hält Tiefschläge für Körpertreffer und bricht das Duell der.

After being knocked down in the second round, he won a controversial unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight in favor of Ward.

En route to losing the controversial unanimous decision, it was indeed Kovalev who threw and landed more punches: [4]. Ward described his victory as "the most important and satisfying" of his career and argued, "The crowd, you could hear they thought I won.

Kovalev denounced Ward's win as the "wrong decision" and suggested the three judges, all Americans, were biased in favor of Ward.

Thomas Hauser concurred with Duva's criticisms of Byrd and deemed "Byrd's refereeing George Willis of the New York Post praised the fight for living up to expectations, rejected claims the decision amounted to a "robbery," and noted that all three judges "had virtually the same scores Sports echoed those sentiments, writing the fight was a "a thrilling war" in which boxing fans "got their money's worth" and that "it wasn't daylight robbery, at all" despite his personal scorecard favoring Kovalev by a point.

In the aftermath of the fight, The Ring elevated Ward from No. Kovalev—Ward was broadcast on HBO pay-per-view in the United States and generated , buys, a number seen as "disappointing" for a fight of its magnitude.

That was fairly easy to do at pounds. Will it work at ? Krusher more likely will try to live up to his moniker; expect him to attack aggressively to both the head and body in an effort to break down a man who Kovalev probably feels will be at a size and strength disadvantage.

Clever, experienced boxers have a way of defusing aggression by moving their feet, holding when necessary or beating the aggressor to the punch. That is probably what Ward will try to do.

Kovalev demonstrated against Hopkins that he is more than a hard-punching stalker, as he adopted a surprising game plan and outboxed the old master in It would be silly to pretend there isn't a sizable number of fans who consider Ward an aloof, condescending whiner.

That probably says more about the haters than it does Ward, but it helps explain why so many are gleefully looking forward to Kovalev knocking Ward senseless.

I'm not sure if Kovalev, who specializes in crude humor and exaggerated facial expressions, is popular simply because he is the antithesis of Ward or because he has the punching power to back up his cartoonish braggadocio.

Despite extravagant claims to the contrary, the first Ward-Kovalev bout wasn't particularly enthralling. Its attraction derived from the fact that it pitted two fighters widely considered the finest light heavyweights in the world.

Some would argue that distinction belongs to lineal champion Adonis Stevenson, but that's a topic for another time.

There was far more tension than excitement when Kovalev and Ward fought on Nov. Had it not been for the prominence of the combatants, the fight would have come and gone with little more than a shrug to mark its passing.

But it was a contest between two fighters who reside in ESPN's pound-for-pound rankings, a long-anticipated showdown that actually meant something.

Hard-core fans were gnawing their knuckles in anticipation. As it turned out, the only memorable thing about the first Ward-Kovalev fight is the unwarranted ruckus over the decision.

It's worth noting that last time, it was Ward who made a midfight adjustment that kept him in the fight. Picking his shot well.

Is ward. The ninth saw Ward put together his best round. With Kovalev's frustration mounting, Ward used his aggression against him, slipping in hard shots to the body when Kovalev found himself off balance.

Ward's jab remained a potent weapon, and Kovalev's inability to cut off the ring allowed Ward to pick his spots. It was still a close fight, as Kovalev's power shots did plenty of damage when he landed them, and he did better with his jab in the 10th.

Blood began trickling from Kovalev's nose during the frame, but he soldiered on. I've given him the last six, which seems crazy to say, but he's taken over here.

Sorry but this is another example why boxing is losing fans, this was simply a robbery. This fight sums up everything that is wrong with profesional boxing organizations at present: corruption and then again corruption.

Certainly,it was very close with a Kovalev doing well and very confident during the first part. In my opinion Kovalev won the fight just because the knock down he was able to produce in the second round.

So the result should be in his favor for All the judges just ignored such event. Shame to all them. About the referee was almost inexistent.

Once again a bad judgement tarnished the boxing world. I agree with you, tango. Good one! I just rooted for boxing, and in that sense, I am very disappointed.

Overall the fight disappointed me, I had Kovalev, giving two equal rounds in there. Kovalev gonna destroy him next time he better be ready!

Be sure to stay on this page and keep refreshing to see all of the results from these fights as they come in live on Saturday evening.

Again, the undercard on the pay-per-view will get started on Saturday night at p. Manny Pacquiao 2. First time around, the man is world champion, and he's been on top a long time.

I give him credit. He is a great fighter, and when you fight great fighters, you have to raise your game. I can't explain it.

Not every round, but I thought I was doing very good. I was better, and he was better this fight. I didn't feel like I was getting knocked down with his punches I could have continued," Kovalev said.

Sky Sports. Stadtlandflussonline Kovalev vs. Andre Ward c. United Kingdom. The previous two were 's Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Entering the fight, Kovalev, the unified light heavyweight champion, was ranked No. If you have enjoyed this website for the past 10 years, today we ask you for a little help: or or. The other two: Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Boxing News. Again, the undercard on the pay-per-view will get started on Saturday night at p. Carl Froch vs Groves. For only the second time in his Equity Deutsch, andreward was knocked down. Both Ward and Hooker fight for RN. Arjay, your Bonus Codes For Emu Casino 2021 on Lomachenko-Walters? Kovalev gonna destroy him next time he better be ready! Pit bulls Tippfreunde pugilists: How a boxing champ and a dog breeder forged an uncommon bond. Damaged but undeterred, Ward put his genius to work while boxing out of an unfamiliar position: behind on the cards. Berto hat er Andre drei!! Runde festgelegt, doch Das Verrückte Labyrinth Risiko war mir dann doch einfach zu hoch…. Selbstverständlich werden beide Boxer ihre Erfahrungen und Schlussfolgerungen aus dem ersten Fight beim Rematch einsetzen. Dezember 99 min. THEFIGHTGUYS ARE LIVE AT THE WARD VS KOVALEV REMATCH. WE BRING YOU THE LIVE POST FIGHT PRESSER. - Best Floyd Mayweather News Fan site -. Relive the second installment of Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev in this light heavyweights title bout. HBO celebrates boxing's best of by featuring the y. Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev II, billed as The Rematch, was a boxing superfight for the unified WBA, WBO, IBF, and vacant The Ring magazine light heavyweight titles between the top-two best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Andre Ward won by an 8th round TKO. The bout was held on June 17, in Las Vegas, Nevada and was televised on HBO Pay-per-view. Sergey Kovalev scored a flash knockdown of Ward onto all fours in round 2 with a short punch as both combatants battled on the inside. All three judges scored the bout for Andre Ward, who lost the first few rounds, and then gradually fought his way back into the bout. A look back at Andre Ward silencing the doubters with this TKO victory over Sergey Kovalev in their Las Vegas rematch. Some boxing fans were outraged by the.
Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward BOXING fight – Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward – full fight Video WBA, IBF, WBO Posted on /11/20 ATBF full fight video Review by , fight not so exciting between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev: it gets two stars. The Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward fight is a rarity in a number of ways. Two fighters in the RING pound-for-pound Top 10 – Kovalev No. 2, Ward No. 4 – are fighting one another. Rare. Two undefeated fighters in the Top 10 are fighting one another. Very rare. And two undefeated fighters in the Top 5 are fighting one another. Extremely rare. 11/19/ · A look at the undercard results on the Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward pay-per-view card. Before we get to see one of the more anticipated fights in Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward, there's a .


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